At the scene of Head Injury

Head injury awareness campaign series. I started this post to create awareness and impart knowledge to general public about head injuries. A major social problem crippling many nations, across the globe. Prevention is better than cure!, but what if we are to witness a head injury at the scene of accident?

Head Injuries are unfortunate incidents. They not only affect the person, but also deeply involve the family and extended contacts: financially, emotionally and physically.

It is a social problem. Good governance can ensure good roads and enforcement of strict law can avoid road traffic accidents.

Other reasons could be fall, assault or sports injuries. The sad truth is that the population that is involved in majority of the head injuries fall in young and socially productive age group, who often are bread winners for their family and cream of the Nation. Most of the youngsters do not understand the seriousness and magnitude of the problem. What starts as speed and thrill can kill, not just self, but the family!

How can we care ?

It is simple. Every one should follow rules of the traffic, take care of self, not try heroic stunts – our life is too precious to be gambled upon.

It is very easy to pass the burden to government. Ultimately it is we the people, who need to change. We don’t need a government order to take care of ourselves, we as ‘humans’ should understand the consequences of our acts. Unfortunately, majority of the youngsters don’t understand this completely, it is the problem of the age and lack of wisdom. Here comes the larger role of Parents, Teachers, others from Social platform such as Literature, Entertainment and  Sports Industry, Public figures, Governmental and Non -governmental agencies to actively create awareness to minimise this social trauma.

To begin with, let us upgrade the first Aid Kit in our vehicles and keep them be upto date! it can help save lives, including ours. The value of the gloves / dressing materials is priceless at accident scene!

What should we do when we see a Head Injured person?

It is very important that the head injured person gets immediate medical attention. Bystanders/passerby can make the difference in outcome of treatment. Timely intervention can totally heal the patient while, little delay can result in tragedy.

Time is Brain!

Use your smart phones smartly! please call for Ambulance / Police.  Try to reach the persons relatives if possible. Shift the patient to the nearest hospital. It is a rule that emergency first aid should be given by all hospitals, there are no financial / medico-legal tussles.

How should you approach the head injured patient?

Please do not surround the head injured person, not just choking the patient but the traffic too. A common sight on our roads. Stop taking selfies / clicking photographs, rather help the victim. Do not drag or bundle up the patient. It can be more dangerous, as they could have fractured their limbs or more seriously the spine! Lay the person on the ground flat and turn them to their left, this would clear their throat and allow breathing. The patient should be shifted like a log, from head to limbs in a single line. This would need help of others / stretchers. Always ask for help!

Use pressure to seal bleed by using gauze /pad from first aid kit of the vehicle or just use plain cloth to apply pressure over bleeding site. It is important to take care of oneself too, especially when we are in coming in contact with blood and tissues. Wear glove from first aid kit and protect your self too!

Awareness and timely action can be life saving. Every one of us can make a difference! Let us follow traffic rules and more importantly, let us value our precious lives.

10 thoughts on “At the scene of Head Injury

  1. Balaji

    Awareness and implementation of sense is the need of the hour. Precautionaries have been rightly brought out. Great effort put in to disseminate the information.

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  2. Radhika Nagasundram

    Very informative. Parents play the first , important role in advising their children to follow rules and regulations. They should not be allowed to ride a vehicle without valid license. These days even a twelve year old rides a bike !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Prasanna Kumar

    Very True Dr. Thanks for the information on how to attend a patient in an event of an accident, as accidents in Bangalore are so common these days due to bad driving and poor infra.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lavanya Kiran

    Very informative and also brings in awareness and warning to the parents to alert the kids and I do believe in the golden hour concept and these points will certainly help a long way for the victim

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rajesh V M

    It is an awesome awareness programme and every one of us have social responsibility.
    We need to ensure that some small things are addressed before it is too late to react.

    Sir, Iam very happy to see your blog on head injuries and safety.

    Safety is one’s responsibility rather than pushing factor..

    Would want to see more informative blogs 👌

    Liked by 1 person

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