The Third Eye

What is ageing?

How does the sequence of life appear in a person over time?

Is there any external influence that controls our biological clock?

If so, how does our biological clock determine relationship of time in our physical world?



The Sense of time and its relationship to celestial events are well documented in our history. It is a wonder that our ancestors were able to come up with precise calculation of a year, including the leap year, which takes care of timing of revolution of mother Earth around our star, the Sun. The speed of revolution and rotation are constant and would remain so for the next 5 billion years to come, the remaining life span of Sun.

Year after year, the seasons change and we witness the marvel of Nature. The whole life system on earth responds to these changes appropriately. The axial tilt in the Earth’s axis and its revolution around the year are the main reasons for these seasonal changes that we see. In physical form, it is the duration and intensity of Sun light (with its heat energy) that brings about these variations on Earth.



It is not just photosynthesis – a mechanism by which the plant life harnesses the solar energy and convert them into organic energy / fuel. In animal kingdom, the Sun influences the diurnal cycle (day and night variations in body) and the seasonal cycles that directly influences ageing.

We see the world through our eyes. The light is conveyed through our retina (within the eyeball) to the rear end of the brain -the occipital lobes, through the optic nerves (the second cranial nerve). Here, the light and images are captured, are interpreted and associated with meaning. This is the visual pathway. The vision of timing of nature is also conveyed to the brain, through an interesting circuit, the lesser known – supra-optic pathway, which are nerves from the retina reaching the third eye – the Pineal Gland!

32507219 - pineal gland

The third eye is often associated with religious visions, the ability to observe chakras and auras. In Taoism, Chinese religious sects such as Chan and Zen


in Japanese, “third eye training” involves focusing attention on the point between the eyebrows with the eyes closed. In Hindu mythology, the third eye of Lord Shiva, though is described in forehead(by most) is also described by few to be actually located in the rear of the head, an analogy to pineal gland (Ref:


I am not giving a neurosurgeon’s perspective of the third eye, rather, it’s a proven fact in medical science. The third eye does exist and gives the vision of life for the individual. The pineal gland, located in the third ventricle of the brain (at the rear portion of brain) is the anatomical third eye of the body. The light rays when reach our pineal gland, convey information of the average length of day (exposure to light), which over a period of time is interpreted as seasons. It secretes Melatonin in absence of light. A chemical indication of day night cycle within our body is set here.

illustration of melatonin release anatomy
illustration of melatonin release anatomy

The pineal gland in close association with the hypothalamus and pituitary gland sets the circadian rhythm of life.  Which is the daily variations in our body with respect to day / night cycle, our timing of sleep & activity and energy needs. Through the influence on all hormones of the body, they together bring about short and long term changes in the body mechanism ultimately controlling the growth and ageing in a person.


 The past decade of research has converged on an understanding that in many or perhaps even most instances, causality with respect to disease, disorders, and maladaptive development—as well as the preservation of health and maintenance of normative, adaptive development—is best viewed as an interplay between genome-based biology and environmental exposures. This understanding represents a clear departure from the historical views that human morbidities are attributable to either pathogenic environments or faulty genes.

Growth and ageing are natural. There are genetic codes set in a given individual, but are influenced significantly by the environmental factors. Healthy environment is not easy to find, thanks to mindless development that is happening around the world. Our quality of food, air and water are going to only deteriorate with time. Our lifestyle and stress further adds to these worries. Wellness is the concept which all of us should work towards, the best investment that we can do for ourselves.

biological clock
biological clock

The third eye is real and its disturbance is now experienced by most of the population as lifestyle disorders. The biological clock has been re-set in all of us, probably due to over exposure to artificial light, more so with the advent of computers and smart phones. Early puberty, obesity, infertility, insomnia (lack of sleep) and early physical changes of ageing are quite common nowadays.

49402202 - easy ways to reduce stress

We cannot go back to the dark ages, however, we can make an attempt to follow a routine in life. With balance of work, activity and adequate sleep, we can at-least work towards the remedial measures.


Sleep is the only way to cut off the light exposure to our biological clock, else, we are going to age quicker and quicker.

Adequate physical activity & exercise, avoidance of coffee/tea after 4pm and early dinner can contribute to peaceful sleep. Of course, this is possible only when we can take our minds off our TV and phone! For people working on shifts/ night duty, it is an occupational hazard. They have to find ways not to miss their 6 to 7 hours of sleep.

To age graceful and lead a healthy life, one has to take efforts to combat stress and live a healthy lifestyle. Importance of sleep cannot be over emphasized. Sleep is essential for not only resting the body and mind, but to give the right sense of timing to our biological clock – the third eye.

52 thoughts on “The Third Eye

  1. Ishiqa Multani

    Very well put together article, Dr. Murali. It is indeed intriguing to know the age old religious approach and significance of many teachings, habits and elements that have a scientific backup. In fact, the 108th Nobel prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to 3 american scientists last year for their discoveries explaining how plants, animals and humans adapt their biological rhythms (24 hour biological clock) so that it is synchronised with the earth’s revolutions.

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  2. Neena satheesh

    Third eye concept is very nicely put together in this article ,I always felt it’s a myth ..the country where I stay I come across many ppl who believe third eye and claim to have one ..I never believed them thou but after reading your article , my perception changed .Thanks Doctor !! Looking forward for more articles from you

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  3. Kranthi

    I must say a very very sensible write up about the most worrying part of our day to day life, sleep and our lifestyle. Connecting the medical science, physical science, the ancient practices, religion and health is commendable Dr.
    If all the points you’ve mentioned about lifestyle are followed then I don’t think we’ll have health issues at all. In this VUCA world it’s become very challenging to be doing that. Doing the best of our abilities should really help through lifestyle issues.
    I really liked the third eye explanation especially how it is connected to pineal gland and how natural light and sleep has its impact.
    I’m sure you are going to be a change agent with all your passion in the system of science today. All the best. Keep writing, looking forward for more.

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  4. Dr.NikiNaidu

    Thank you, for such a scientifically spiritual guided article sir!!!
    The relation between our science and culture is well explained in your articles.
    Looking forward for more beautiful articles From you sir!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kousalya Nathan

    Great writing Murali
    Enjoyed the read
    I like the way you have Compiled it starting from the ancient history correlating to modern science
    It is good to see a neurosurgeon writing about the importance of lifestyle n sleep in aging and health

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  6. Wonderful article Dr Murali. I hope this inspires many to take charge of their own well-being by incorporating simple lifestyle changes like sleeping on time and getting adequate sleep, reducing usage of electronic media and giving up caffeine , smoking etc past 4 pm as mentioned by you. Looking forward to your next write-up where you make science understandable for the non-medical reader.

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  7. Rajesh V M

    It is such an interesting article where the science , ancient traditions & ,health are related,

    Article states how one can do things and lifestyle can be changed with ease..

    Explanation on Third eye is an real eye opener to many including me.

    Very well written and explained. Looking for more such articles ( Rather information). 👍👌

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  8. Pragati Malligaraj

    A very aptly collated article sir!! As you so rightly advocated, wellness is indeed the need of the hour and something we all should strive for. Ageing after all is inevitable, but looking your age and how you handle it is a question of ‘mind’ over ‘matter’!!
    Good luck for all your future endeavours sir.. keep enlightening us with your writing!!

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  9. Thank you for the very interesting subject, Dr. Murali. My friend Satya introduced me to your blog and I am thankful that he did.

    The had recently read on the importance of sleeping for learning as well and how the brain uses this state of rest to flush out the harmful waste proteins.

    I had few queries on the pineal gland.
    1. Is there a way, accessible to us in India, to measure this cycle of inhibition and activation of the pineal gland. Can an individual check if it working normall?
    2. How does it function in the blind or someone with no or minimal exposure to light

    Thank you again.

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  10. Shruti Harlalka

    Very aptly timed… Definitely an “eye” opener article.. A nuanced way to put across the concept of aging..
    Your articles are always good “food for thought”..
    Looking forward for more..

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  11. Veena

    Awesome article. Such an important message explained in a such a simple way. Thank you so much for sharing this article with all of us. Cudnt agree more good health needs daily investment. Sharing as a must read with all loved ones.

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  12. Ravishankar Rao

    Great read, very thought provoking blog,
    interesting as always.
    Great way to integrate ancient wisdom and present science ( Neuroscience).

    Regards and best wishes!

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  13. Dear Doc, I find myself agreeing with most of the material in your thoughtful article. Just as others have observed, it is good to note the effort you have made in linking traditional knowledge with modern scientific evidence, and with neither being taken for granted at face value.

    The infographic on stress reduction could do with one more important addition – “Cultivating healthy relationships”. The longest Harvard study on human health and happiness supports this idea.
    The TED talk by Prof Robert Waldinger, currently the Director of this ongoing study, explains it in more lucid detail.

    You have got me thinking about the ways in which we must handle our minds and our selves in order to maintain a healthy chemistry within us. Our exposure to artificial light, our poorly-guided and often toxic and stressed handling of ourselves and the people around us, the systems that we participate in that focus on punishments over rewards – all continue to take a toll. However, the spiritual traditions have always emphasized that one’s interiority can be as porous or insular as one chooses. It is up to us. The pineal gland’s mechanism of releasing DMT in response to light and dark patterns is the classic proof of this. We cannot control the light, but we can surely control our eyelids. We cannot control situations, but we can certainly tailor our response to them. As Sadhguru says, “You are each a chemical soup – but are you a beautiful soup or a lousy soup?!”

    Relationships are certainly an area of “interplay” between internal and external factors. It is consistent with the overall theme of your article. Not purely internal, not totally external either. Nurturing good relationships and nipping bad ones is an area requiring correct knowledge and the right methodology of conducting it day-to-day. Valuing another person has great positive benefits for both parties. If only we practise it more often in our daily lives!

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  14. Dr.manjula.a patil

    Hello Dr murali….vy well n aptly written information.
    Right way of putting he facts n make the common man understand about the biological clock, circadian rhythem early aging…. excellent wright up n congratulations Dr.murali.

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  15. Kumaraswamy

    Very True ,Well said Dr.Murli about the third eye and one must also not forget that we derive peace only when we work with an Aim in mind and not the result.

    Desire is the cause of all unhappiness and an unsatisfied mind will loore the intellect to work on all desires and results and forget the aim of life…..
    A happy satisfied mind will enjoy peace ful sleep and a wonderful life.

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  16. Dr Shwetha Gopalaiah

    Your articles are amazing sir. .the way you discover the neuroanatomys spiritual association gives cold creeps. ..previous article of brainstem resembling the holy grail..and it’s importance in life’s sustainance was astonishing.It arises interest with the subject and your blog too. .

    Enlightening everyone with the clinical application of such a treasure knowledge is such a novelty. Thank you for the same. This requires immense understanding and love towards the subject. Indeed the person you are. ..where Neuro has chosen you. Wish you and your family on this occassion of shivrathri with all the goodness. And kindly do keep us all enlighted with your immense knowledge.

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  17. Bhanuamathi Saikumar

    Hm Murali ,
    I will forward this passage to CBSE and demand that they include this in their syllabus for class 7 , the most flexible age to make a deep impression in their minds
    A new generation will start to fight the problems of today
    It is very nicely written , simple and straight to the point ,
    Keep writing more on such important topics . This should not stop here
    Regards and best wishes

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  18. Pavendan

    As we already know… this is one of the other gem in your crown sir..
    A well explained scientific and cultural view of The Third Eye…
    Thank you sir


  19. Shanthy Vaidya

    Thanks Dr. Murali for the lovely article. I have been associated with a few saints and seers and have always wondered at their ability to see beyond the radical vision. Going through the science behind is quite a learning process.
    A good read indeed. Thanks


  20. Srinivasan K

    ” the scientific article on Third Eye” is really informative and awakening.
    Great Work!
    Looking forward reading more through your blog.


  21. Sambhavi Jayavelan

    This was such a wonderful read for me personally. It was interesting to discover the synthesis between my religious beliefs and the cutting edge of science. People are persuaded to change their negative habits either with religious visions or scientific evidence. Your article has the perfect combination of both and definitely has inspired me to add sufficient sleep to my list of New Year resolutions. Keep inspiring us with your unique insights!!!


  22. Chandrika Rajan

    Very informative article, correlation of spiritual and science Simply superb, You are enlightening us through your blog, God bless you.


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