8th June : World Brain Tumour Day


The cause is not often known,

Many a times, the sufferers are unknown!

They come as a surprise, not yielding to prayers,

The pain and agony, not just the loss of careers!

If diagnosed with a brain tumour, it need not be rumour,

There shouldnt be stigma, or should there be a dilemma,

We got to fight back, and trust me Treatment is the right track,

We may not have always a cure, but our efforts are pure!

Come, lets join hands to fight the Cancer,

Even if it is in the brain, it doesn’t matter!

Its not to celebrate, But an attempt to create,

the awareness so we reiterate,

and fight-back to negate

the symptoms and facilitate, 

the timely treatment, before its too late!


39 thoughts on “8th June : World Brain Tumour Day

    1. tama

      sir i need a help? i am from bangladesh..my husband suffer brain tumar before 7 month..i am coming soon India for this treatment.. now you help me that which doctor are best for brain tumar in which hospital?


  1. Kranthi

    Thank you for the awareness Dr.

    None of the symptoms mentioned by you above should be neglected.

    Last week my friend’s mother became unconscious and went into comma directly, after MRI doctors discovered a tumour and operated her. Next day she revived,she is recovering.

    Treatment and patient’s will power to recover makes the recovery faster.


  2. Vaidya

    Unsure why this does not get detected on time. One of my close friends recently diagnosed with this condition and operated upon. 2 days after surgery is paralyzed on the right side. Sons now under dilemma as to whether surgery should have been avoided. They are now hoping for only a miracle. And this gentleman was doing yoga throughout his life and lead a very disciplined and active life. Was so sad to see him unable to move or talk – memories of a live wire person still afresh in my mind. Frustrating to see him in the current status.

    What rate of success is there in patients diagnosed with brain tumor ?


  3. Pragati Malligaraj

    Of the brain and its ailments you’ve made us aware,
    And taught us that however small a symptom is..beware!
    This message of yours we must all share,
    With our near and dear ones for whom we care,
    And tell them, whatever ails you, your doctors are always there!!


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