TEDx @ Mumbai, India. #Innovation for Masses

Innovations are born out of ideas, and Ideas Are Infinite, making the possibilities of Innovations – Limitless’.

Two important attributes that are essential to nurture a thought towards an idea, and an idea towards innovation, are Patience and Perseverance,

Patience to fail multiple times,


Perseverance, yet, to reach the goal.

Surgery is my life, my passion and Innovation. Yes, Surgery is Innovation. Not just me, but am sure, every surgeon out there, is an innovator. Not all surgical scenarios are covered in textbooks. There are times, when a surgeon faces situations that has never been described before in literature! And trust me, It’s a very frequent occurrence. A surgeon doesn’t panic, rather he adopts a very rational and logical approach, guided by the past experience and more importantly the common sense. This new technique is not innovation until, its documented, analyzed and published in medical literature, thereby making the data, available for others to use.

An Innovation is attached with value only when it Impacts the masses!

The Value of an idea lies in the using of it

How do we conceive an Idea?


 How can we nurture it towards innovation?

Ideas – are born out of our consciousness, guided by our …………………..Click here for the TEDx video

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