Time crunch to Infinite Time

Covid 19, the Corona pandemic has not only shaken the world, but humanity itself. Thoughts to ponder, what are we in front of Natural disasters and diseases? But, Humans have survived worst disasters! We can do that again. More people are educated and connected, today. What we need is discipline and order, to tackle current crisis. In the mean time, lets introspect!

One common factor which all of us accept, is the statement:

No Time. Am busy!

Am sure all of us have used this phrase in the past. In current times of Lock down, on the contrary, when we are asked to stay at home, we seem to protest it. That’s the nature of being humans. We all are used to a way of life, and we get accustomed to it. Then we find it very difficult to change. But, Change – is the law of Nature, and Nothing is static in Universe, and this applies to every aspect of life.

Few important points that we need to abide by, in such trying times are:

  • Being Optimistic: It is a choice to be optimistic or pessimistic. At the least, being hopeful lifts up your spirits and clarity of thoughts appear in itself. You are, What You think!
  • Being Responsible: Every one has a responsibility to take care of themselves and others. Our actions during such trying times matter a lot. Do not be responsible to create panic. Do not be part of Fear mongering. Do not be a part of propagation of Fake News.
  • Being Sensitive: Be sensitive of others need as well. Sharing is Caring. Please do not hoard supplies – more than what is necessary. That creates panic.


Many of us are wondering – so much of time, is killing! Wondering what to do, feeling frustrated, irritated and bored. Here are few tips to keep yourself occupied and boost your morale, during the time of lock down:

  1. Family time.

For all of you who complained about no quality family time, here it is. Please don’t complain, get to know ur spouse and kids better. Talk more, share more! Participate in house hold chores. Play indoor games. Become a child again! sing, dance, play & have fun.

  1. Exercise time

Please do simple exercises –  what you did in your school time is good enough, such as simple stretches and floor exercise. Good time to start a habit. It is said, if a routine is followed for 3 weeks, it becomes a habit.

  1. Entertainment time

Don’t spend the whole day on screens (TV / mobile). It gets boring! Give it a break and watch them. Don’t do binge watching! New episodes are not going to be available any soon. Give your self restricted TV time. But do catch up with all that you have missed from a long time.

  1. Knowledge time

Knowledge is power. If you have missed out on things which you wanted to learn about – read them, google them, watch the documentaries. You have time now. Don’t burden with unnecessary negativity that is being forwarded on social media.

  1. Rest & Snooze Time

It is important that we catch up with rest. Please sleep adequately. Sleep is as important as exercise. Don’t stay awake late night watching TV / Soaps. Remember, you have whole day to do that.

  1. Time to Organize

Ever wondered, why were you taking all those photographs from a decade! We all got our smart phones that replaced our cameras – appropriately a decade ago. So, finally – you have your time to sort, assort, revisit, save or delete them. Lock down period looks a miniscule in front of this mammoth task. But look at the positive side – YOU ARE GOING TO WALK THROUGH YOUR MEMORIES! Above all, your family is beside you. Talk about it, stay happy. Remember, laughter and happiness are contagious too. Re–live your moments.

  1. Time to Plan

Ever wondered about changing or improving your job profile. It can be as simple as updating your resume, or it can be planning or strengthening your skills, or simply: just understand yourself – Introspect. What is it that you actually want? Organize your thought process.

  1. Time to socialize

All your friends and family are only a call / text away. Get in touch with them. Re-connect with your roots. You have all the time now. Its good time to enquire and re-assure, but, be responsible, sensitive and above all – optimistic when you do that.

Finally, An appeal to all: please Stay at Home, Stay Safe. Help the Frontline’s (Health Care, Government, Police and others) to do their job.

13 thoughts on “Time crunch to Infinite Time

  1. Pradeep Jain

    Very nice and informative article ,infact one big issue which people are facing is what to do ? and this article just helps you to address the same .
    Very well written sir .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ramachandra Kusagur

      Nice article and it is very true we are missing many things in LIFE and Rightly said this is the time to re connect with family and friends.
      Thanks a lot sir for valuable information.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Prasad

    Nice article in the present crisis. People are thinking what to do & how to kill time at home. Nice thought process on spending time with family, go back on past memories & it’s time to organise, time to plan. Finally stay at Home & stay safe. Very nice article.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ramya

      Dr good one. But for working women like me with a kid and old parents at home. Life is still busy. Bcoz u don’t have maid and washing, cleaning…there goes exercise time. No cook…ya planning what to cook with available groceries is another headache. Also handle office work, calls it’s more exhausting than normal days. Also with bosses thinking we r not working and calling every 1 hr…huh…Waiting to get back to work.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ravindra

      Nice one and super thoughtful dr Murali . Truly tell us that in our daily life wisdom is usually missing and we tend to understand that importance of this during this trying times
      Thanks again

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sam jayavelan

    The perfect remedy to combat cabin fever! You have also implicitly touched about being humane in crisis – connect with family and friends. Reach out, knowing we are all in it together and care helps. building good memories is very imp – so let’s spread kindness and smiles too. Plus definitely time to pause busy lives and listen – there is so much for self improvement if we can listen in now without distraction.

    Liked by 1 person

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