The Aging Paradox!

The 21st century has revolutionized our standards of living. Today we live in a world of comfort, which was beyond imagination a century ago. This led to a radical change in our lifestyle in a very short time in the history of mankind. The progress in science has ensured that we have access to food & comfort and live longer. But this transition has happened with a huge cost to the quality of our health.

Our circadian rhythm (the biological clock) has been messed up due to excess exposure to artificial light and digital screens. Further, our food quality is more appealing and tastier than earlier but is genetically engineered and processed.

A sedentary lifestyle combined with salt, sugar, and poor dietary habits is the perfect recipe for disaster.

A peculiar paradox exists today. Our life expectancy has improved over the century. People surviving into the 80s and 90s are the norm today. An important additional observation is that the fertility rates are falling as well. But the Aging paradox here is – we are aging quicker than in previous centuries. Quicker aging can be best understood by observing early menarche (onset of menstrual cycles in girls) and early menopause (stopping of menstrual cycles) in women; external aging such as early greying of hair and skin changes (in the 20s and 30s). Internal aging today is best understood by understanding the population suffering from lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac ailments in youth. Our spinal discs are getting degenerated and presenting as clinical problems much earlier, and our bones are getting weaker (osteoporosis) at a much younger age than expected. Brittle bones are one of the major reasons for suffering in the geriatric (elderly) population. It hampers their mobility, apart from agonizing pain and suffering.

We live in the era of ‘THE AGING PARADAOX’, wherein we are aging quickly, but living longer. Not a very happy situation to be in. It means that as time progresses the earth will have humans who are older and unhealthier, and not enough younger people to care!

The World Health Organization (WHO) was founded on 7th April 1948. This day is observed as World Health Day, every year to create awareness towards healthy living and to attain the goal of ‘Health for all’. We live in a world of borderless boundaries, the COVID pandemic only reiterated this truth. Though ‘Health for all’ is a global movement, it is the responsibility of each & every individual to care for themselves.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

We all learned this proverb from our childhood days. It is very apt in every walk of our lives. This is going to be a series of awareness articles, each addressing a specific condition, where a stitch in time could have saved nine!

Let us address the aging paradox in time before it is too late! And it is never too late to start a healthy habit.

Age Reversal Tenets: Lifestyle modifications if followed sincerely can lead to healthy living with happiness, slowing the aging process of the both internal and external physical body.

  • Mindful eating: Essentially it is developing awareness of our eating habits, the food content, our thoughts about food, and more importantly our feeling towards the food. Feeling involves our response to internal and external stimuli of food.
  1. Eat on time. Discipline ensures a bodily rhythm. Don’t skip a meal.
  2. Enjoy your food, appreciate its appearance, flavor, and taste, and feel them as you eat.
  3. Eat slowly and chew the food, properly. We hardly chew food today on the pretext of no time, and it becomes a habit.
  4. Watch what you are eating, ultimately, it’s your body. That’s where you live.
  5. Reduce refined Sugars, salts, and processed foods. Avoid fast food culture as much as possible.
  6. Respect our biological clock – Circadian rhythm. Our metabolism mirrors our circadian rhythm. Early Dinner (by 7 pm) is ideal for healthy living.
  7. Don’t overeat! Always give free space in the stomach.
  • Sleep: Respect our biological clock. Deep sleep is essential to repair and rebuild our mind and physical body. Early to bed and early to rise is the best-taught practice across the world from time immemorial. The body undergoes a lot of damage which ultimately accelerates aging. Good deep sleep allows the body to focus on internal repairs.
  • Physical activity: Movement is life. Sitting is a silent killer. Sitting is the new smoking. The physical activity ensures metabolism, thereby all the internal organs do their work on time and efficiently. Prolonged sedentary life. This results in the accumulation of body weight and our internal organs begin to fail over time. If walking, running, or exercising are boring, try to include some activity as part of daily life which involves physical activity. There are no alternatives to physical activity!
  • Breathing Exercises: Breathing is a sign of life. A habit of deep breathing activity as part of daily life can be a transformational experience in a person’s life. We can call it meditation, breathing exercises, silence, or simply – our time. Deep breathing increases blood circulation to the brain and vital organs, thereby nourishing them. It also allows for the repair of tissue damage, thereby helping in age reversal.
  • Mindfulness: It is the awareness of ourselves, our habits, our patterns, our actions, and our reactions to situations. Mindfulness is essentially our intentions in life, our attitude towards life, and our attention to ourselves and our surroundings. Being mindful makes us realize our actual needs in the present and the future, it allows us to let go of our negative thoughts and paves way for Happiness. Happiness is a choice, and it must be chosen. You cannot place the source of happiness outside you! It is a very internal and personal attribute. Developing gratitude for all the blessings in life, ignoring the negatives, and ‘letting it go’ is key to happiness

A healthy life is a happy life.

16 thoughts on “The Aging Paradox!


    A very well written piece. Though we presume we follow many of the above recommendations, it is imperative that to follow this regularly is a challenge. Small bursts of realisation does not provide the desired long-term results. A reminder like this on the eve of World Health Day is definitely welcome, thanks for the inspiring write-up.

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  2. Paul Selvam

    Dear sir wonderful and clear explanation of how we must live . In this busy world whatever you have explained will help us rethink and set right our way of living. Thank you.

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  3. Amith. C. H

    Very informative and helpful indeed. I too have been going through many documentaries and research on my own. I’d like to share a few of my observations with you.
    Man is a part of the animal kingdom and I understand that the life forces driving them are the same. As per nature the animals and the humans are bound by a basic rule of USE IT OR LOSE IT. From the previous generations, the present generations have varied a lot like you have mentioned about very early aging and very young but physically n mentally very old people. If you have noticed that in the wild animals that are bred in captivity over 1 or 2 generations, the characteristics of camouflage , colour, and also the basic instinct is different or lost. So like seen in the astronauts, within a few months they would lose our on bone density due to lack of gravity, similarly those people that are leading a very comfortable life have no use of tough bones and over generations the software of the body is upgraded to not provide harder bones. Maybe hence the weak bones. As per nature, the normal menarge was meant to start after they are settled comfortably in life to start reproduction, but over a few generations, the children have been brought up in very comfortable conditions of food and shelter, automatically signalling and upgrading the software that there are very few challenges in life , everything is provided for and so you can start reproduction earlier. Again similarly with greying of the hair. Blonde hair is only found in the very cold and snow covered regions of the world, while the rest of the population that is regularly exposed to the sunlight is always having various shades of black hair and darker skins. Over a few generations, we all have been working only indoors and exposure to the sunlight is limited thus upgrading the software that we don’t need dark hair for longer duration in life. So can it also be that the autonomous systems in our bodies are also updated to be down graded since life has become more comfortable????

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  4. Well said Doctor. Realistic and very important factors. We all are know about these, but we ignore it simply. It’s really a recall. The way you presented is fantastic and help us to realize and ignite our fire for better days ahead.
    Great initiative Doctor 👏.

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  5. Awesome narrative Dr Murali Mohan. Extremely well written and the need of the hour for all of us to be healthy and happy. Agree age is just a number and a pleasure to age gracefully. Also important to understand life is a celebration and as you have rightly put it live a full life for yourself….

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