Stroke – Brain Attack!

Stroke or Brain attack is a dire emergency which needs to be recognised and acted upon swiftly!

Though the general population is well sensitised to Myocardial Infarction or heart attack, brain strokes are generally ignored. The obvious reason is that, most often the affected person lapses into a state of unconsciousness silently, while a heart attack has more dramatic events with pain taking centre stage. Today, most of strokes can be safely reversed ( at least to a major extent) if the patient reaches the Stroke Unit on time, hence the term “ the golden hours”.

World Stroke Day 29thOctoberis  a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness among Medical professionals and the general public about stroke, its causes, its emergency treatment, long term Management and more importantly Stroke Prevention.

Prevention is better than Cure and this statement is most apt for stroke! Today we are subjected to high work  pressure, with erratic food habits and disordered sleep cycles. This World Stroke day, let us take a pledge to lead a healthy lifestyle, stay healthy and fight life style induced disorders and disabilities.

  • Sitting is the new Smoking – so please include physical activity and exercise as a daily routine. This obviously means  – No Smoking
  • Our stomach is not the dumping bin! Watch your diet. Lets not over / under eat. There are no alternatives to a balanced dietof Carbs, protein and Fat with minerals and vitamins from food sources.
  • Periodic check up to diagnose and treat – Hypertension  (raised blood pressure) and Diabetes.
  • Reduce STRESS! You know it best. The answer for the way to reduce the stress lies within us. A mismatch between Reality and expectation; the need and the want is the basic root cause of Stress in many.
  • Beat the STRESS. Work related or unavoidable stress, beyond an individual limits needs to be tackled. The best and easiest ways are :

Physical Exercise ( sweat it out )

Deep breathing Exercise ( breath it out)

  • Obesity is a disorder of mind. With will power and determination, strict diet and Exercise can be adopted and this is the best way to lose weight. If there is severe obesity, early bariatric surgery is definitely an option.
  • Hydrate Drink enough water! A practice which is not followed anymore.

Every one should be aware of STROKE symptoms. A healthy individual if he//she develops sudden onset weakness of Limbs, facial asymmetry with deviation of mouth, speech difficulties or loss of consciousness with or without headache / fits ( seizures) – Please think of STROKE or BRAIN ATTACK.
Immediate medical attention is required as every minute can kill up to 1.9 million brain cells! Secondly, its not rare. Across the Globe, a person dies from Stroke every 10 seconds!
No age is immune!  A lot of youngsters today develop life style disorders.BE FAST

The Stroke victim, if he can reach the nearest Comprehensive Stroke Unit,  within the the Golden hour of 4.5 hours, there is a good chance that the Stroke can be reversed. Today, a person need not be a prisoner within his own body, rather can be a STROKE survivorand lead an independent and productive life. But this success can only be achieved if the awareness regarding STROKE is created amongst common man. It is a good idea to figure out the details of the nearest Comprehensive Stroke Unit with telephone number in case of emergencies, remember: TIME is BRAIN.


20 thoughts on “Stroke – Brain Attack!

  1. Ram

    Brain Stroke explained in the most simplest language for the general public to understand. Thank you, Dr. Murali.

    Stroke is one of the leading causes of deaths in our country today and the understanding and awareness is very limited. Stroke can be treated and prevented. At Sagar Brain & Spine Institute, Sagar Hospitals, Bangalore, on occasion of World Stroke Day, comprehensive Stroke Clinic was launched in addition to the launch of NeuroSonology Lab. The newer technology in the form of high resolution duplex and Transcranial Doppler have completely transformed stroke management.

    Sagar Brain & Spine Institute in association with Bangalore Stroke Support Group organised a Walkathon to spread awareness in the neighbourhood.

    Time is Brain!

    #sagarhospitals #sagarbrainandspineinstitute #bangalorestrokesupportgroup #worldstrokeday #stroke #brain #health #wellbeing

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  2. Mechelle D'Rozario

    Amazing write once again sir, u have precisely given us the required information with no frills….u have beautifully given us the meaning of the ‘Golden Hours’ and made us realize the fact ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

    It is true that our healthcare professionals are the smartest and most innovative, most conscientious ppl on Earth and u are proving to be on the top! U are much appreciated for all the info… it feels totally relatable and real.

    Continue ur great work Sir, all the very best….God Bless!

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  3. Dr K Ravi swamy

    Excellent,I have suffered stroke last year,some body suggested to rush to Dr muarai Mohan,after scientific investigation and your advice,I have pulled through,to day I do more be physicall work than before and serving God, people and society,thank you and Greatful.

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  4. Bhanuamathi Saikumar

    Hi Murali
    Once again you have come out with a very appropriate topic for the day
    Brain stroke , even as a child and student I have witnessed and I also remember that the end came very soon to them due to ignorance and lack of facilities . It is very important that an awareness is created about this among the public
    Now , I have a question.
    Stress is one of the reasons
    If a person has to go through some stress day in and day out and is never able to find a solution or is never able to communicate the solution is another stress , and if he communicates , and it is not accepted but retorted is another stress , it tends to be the underlying factor for his behaviour , and over and above this if he has to pretend to be comfortable just to avoid ugly conflicts WHAT will be condition of the brain in him .?
    WHEN and HOW will it attack him ?
    No science , no human being , no incidents finally not even astrology has helped him
    When such a situation is consistently present between two people who cannot even avoid each other , and one of them is totally blind to reality HOW will it affect the brain of both of them
    Is this brain stroke related to age , intensity of the stress , relation between the stressed persons who are highly educated persons ? or the stress factor is a life decision and will to an irreversible situation where the whole life is lost ?
    Think about such a situation and how can doctors or counselling help them ?
    Will they be the critical victims of brain stroke ?
    Is death inevitable ?
    Don’t worry I am fine

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  5. Dr.Shashidhar K B

    A very succintly written write-up on the occasion of World stroke day.
    Hope more and more people are sensitised to the early recognition and despatch to an appropriate comprehensive stroke unit.

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