New Year Pledge

Green is the color of Life,

Come on, Lets Green up Earth.

Go Green & reduce your foot print!

Save Mother Earth, our future generations need her too

This coming year, lets take a green pledge!

We are in very peculiar situation – in the entire history of our human race! Does borders matter in current day scenario, anymore?

Today, borders don’t mean anything. Your childhood friend is an American / Singaporean or an European holding a valid citizenship. Only in trade, we talk about business across the borders.

Struggle for land and minerals are historical; today its for clean air and water! We humans are consuming our natural resources at a pace which is going to question our very survival in future.

Enough has been spoken about this issue, we at Sagar Hospitals have taken a GREEN PLEDGE as our New year resolution! Come let us join hands and fight the issue of Global warming and Pollution. Every citizen of Earth has his/her responsibility towards our future. Our act today will determine the health of future generations; including ours at present! A little contribution from everyone of us can trickle into a major revolution.

What’s this Green Pledge all about?

Seven pledges signifying seven days of a week, through out the year! 

  • Let’s walk more

Go for a walk every day. If the distance to travel is not much, choose to walk. Hit the stairs! Walk in a park, rather then on a treadmill. Walking is very important exercise that utilizes all our muscles. It burns out our fat, keeps our heart in good shape. The guts work better! There are dual advantages: we stay healthy, and we also reduce our CARBON FOOTPRINT, as we reduce the use of fossil fuel and electricity

  • Let’s Connect more – real time not virtually, Reduce our Screen time!

We interact with our computer / mobile screens more than anyone else in today’s world. Our kids are following the same trend, which is even more disturbing. The artificial light does reset our biological clock and we age faster! Our mental task performing ability also reduces. Good social interaction cannot have a substitute. In future, we need people who can communicate in real world, not just in virtual world on mails and chats!

It is also an act to conserve energy, and we definitely reduce our CARBON FOOTPRINT

  • let’s mindfully nourish more – incorporate Healthy eating habits & reduce food waste

Our stomach is not a dustbin! Eat for necessity; Eat for pleasure, but lets not dump food into us. We pay a price of health. It is important to Eat healthy to Live healthy. Planning a meal without food wastage is also important for the health of our planet. Let us not waste food! A lot of effort and time goes into food preparation, not just the cooking. From farming or rearing, to the table, it is a time consuming effort. By reducing food wastage, we definitely reduce our CARBON FOOTPRINT

  • Let’s waste less – waste segregation at source

The government and community can function better if we contribute too. The waste management has become a burning concern, affecting all. It is the duty of every citizen of the Globe to take active participation towards waste segregation and waste management. First, let us reduce our waste generation, be it the plastics, electronics or the perishable wastes.

Second, let us learn to segregate the waste at source, not by force, but by us. It is the need of the hour. Let us keep our daily environment – the home, office and the neighborhood clean. We can have a cleaner country! And reduce our CARBON FOOTPRINT.

  • let’s Conserve energy more – Electricity

Conserve Electricity! Conserve Electricity! And Conserve Electricity! It cant be over emphasized. It is the most common source of ENERGY that we use in our daily life. Please understand that even the simple conversion of AC current from the Electric poles to the DC current in every appliance we use, releases heat! It is not about affordability, rather the energy that’s consumed to generate and regulate the electricity has huge CARBON FOOTPRINT, though we feel electricity is clean source of energy

  • Let’s Save WATER more!

Water is available in abundance on earth. But clean potable and drinking water is scarce! Our fresh water bodies are being polluted at an alarming rate today that even the underground water bodies have been contaminated. Apart from communicable disease, heavy metal poisoning is a real threat from these source! The water that we get at home / work place is precious, use it judiciously! Conserve water and Treat Fresh water bodies as divine, a practice that was followed since ancient times in INDIA, we call our rivers as mother goddess!

  • let’s pollute less – Clean Air

Our Air today is polluted. We all feel the freshness of the environment as we travel out of our hectic city life. Let us not just blame the industries! We can contribute to clean air through our efforts too. Let us plant more trees! Let us go GREEN, The natural air purifier of our planet. Let us avoid fossil fuel, let us celebrate our festivals and important days in a more ecofriendly manner rather than fire crackers! Use of public transport and carpooling are options today!

These are small steps and suggestions that can be included in our daily life that can in-turn make a big difference in long run. Let us Pledge to save our Mother Earth, and Save US! In our solar system, Earth is our only home…let’s keep it Green! Green is the color of Life.

Happy New Year 2019 !

Dr. Murali Mohan S

21 thoughts on “New Year Pledge

  1. Geeta Sreenath

    I an in total agreement with your Go Green Pledge Sir. That’s the least we can do to make the world a better place to live in. As we say that charity begins at home let’s take a pledge to contribute to make our environment pollution free. by planting more trees, keeping our surroundings clean and following a healthy life style.. I wish you a Greener Happy New Year..God bless 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dr. Malathi. T

    That is a great write up and very relevant in our current scenario. May be we can add that be aware and sensitive about others. When we start thinking about others perspective many things will get solved. Whether one’s action is harmful to others… Happy New year to you too and wish you more success n accolades.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anonymous

    Nicely written Murli. Congratulations on your new and ‘timely article.

    We have to keep reinforcing the mantra of ‘Go green’ and practice the same – whenever, where ever and how ever possible!

    Happy New Year 2019

    Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

  4. John Karminder

    Every once in a while we need conscientious persons to remind us of our responsibility and obligation to achieve a clean environment.
    Dr.Murali I hope this green initiative continues to spread till we all inculcate it into our everyday habits.
    Thanks a lot

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dr.Poornima

    nice write up Murali….the most important things today along wt conservation of nature is your mention of good food and healthy eating habits along with excercise. The increasing rates of obesity and associated diseases are rising…..
    A very relevent writeup at a relevent time

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Dr.Poornima

    Nice writeup Murali. Along with conservation of nature as u have said eating healthy and physical excercises are most appropriate seeing the rising trends of obesity. A very nice write up at the most required times


  7. Sam jayavelan

    After reading the article I felt like all my new year resolutions can be summarized into this one pledge – go green:). In simple terms, it promotes easy to sustain lifestyle changes for a better world and a better life! Thanks for sharing it.

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  8. Dr Usha

    Good write up, essentially need of the hour, let’s all pledge for the better world for our future generations. Wishing you n your family a very happy prosperous green 2019

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Dr Usha

    Good write up, essentially need of the hour, let’s all pledge for the better world for our future generations. Wishing you n your family a very happy prosperous green 2019

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