Life is a Journey!

‘As a Neurosurgeon, travelling the journey of collective consciousness, witnessing pain and suffering and at the same time seeing equal levels of optimism and positivity, it gives deep insight towards philosophical introspection into the ‘concept’ of life. Today in these testing times of uncertainty, hopefully my thoughts will find meanings and make sense to otherwise fast paced life, which most of us cruise without an introspective thought’.

Our Life is a very personal and customized journey, that we take. Though It is slow, it journeys at the speed of TIME, which is steady, definite and finite!  A fact which we don’t often realize, but the pandemic has taught us how fragile and vulnerable we are, despite all the technological and scientific advancements.

The conscious mind in us records, rejoices, suffers and forgets various events over time as life courses by. Irrespective of who we are, Life always throws challenges, yet it allows our free will to decide whether we suffer these challenges or we accept and move on, or we turn the challenges into a positive scenario. The role of our mental health, morale support that we have, our capacity to endure and our ability of future vision – all of these decides our free will decisions. Yet we are often enslaved to genetically rooted Impulsive decisions and actions when we are cornered!

Many a time, situations may not be in the realm of our control at all, where we are just helpless and mute spectators, like the pandemic we are witnessing today. This leads to few important questions?

Is there a purpose of life?

What is the destination of this journey?

How significant are we?

The dimension from where we view these questions, presents various answers. Though different and contradicting, yet all the answers are TRUE in their own ways. In the dimension of COSMOS, our earth or the solar system, even the milky way (our Galaxy) are of no significance in the larger realm of Universe. They are just another ‘dot’ of a matter! We believe we own Earth, actually not. The Nature will revive itself even if Mankind ceases to exist. If as a species we are not significant, how can an Individual be significant? Life will find its path. Every one of us are dispensable in true sense. If we are that insignificant, then what is the Purpose of Our Life?

Earning money and riches, position and status are definite goals in life for most, and it is not wrong. But how much is enough? When do we stop chasing and begin living our life?  Happy family and good friends to share the precious time, where moments become cherished memories. Are these the purpose of life? Or is to take care of previous generation (which we should do as our duty) and nurture the next generation (which is our responsibility) our purpose? Many walk the path to find the ‘purpose of life’ as their purpose in life.

A Parallel and contradictory truth exists: an individual has the potential to bring in significant change, from science to commerce, be it good or bad. One person can bring in significant revolution, development or destruction. Our mind is a powerful tool and a weapon, and we live in it.

In this journey, the destination doesn’t matter. It is the cherished memories that we make from moments of life as we walk through the time, that matters. Life is not about the ‘purpose’ or moments and memories, or leaving behind a mark in history. Life is all about Living to its fullest extent, every day. Its not to carry the burden of past, or the worries of future, as Life always will find its path. Make every day count! Life is a gift. To have no regrets to carry, we should do what we enjoy, and enjoy what we do.

‘Follow your dreams with passion and perseverance, for you don’t have to prove to anyone’

Connect with near and dear ones, let go of ego. You may not get another chance to say hello, as each are in their own Journey. Time is the most precious commodity in life, make it count with cherished memories.

Live it before you leave it.

37 thoughts on “Journey

    1. Drshiva kumar N S

      Very aptly said about life
      I am proud that you understood life so early
      Let us always smile and value relationships and recollect happy moments

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      1. Mallikarjuna Swamy

        Well written Murali. Inspiring and thought provoking. In fact, the last but one closing sentence, “don’t have to prove anyone…” I have been using this sentence for ages now!

        Great going towards philosophy.

        Good luck.

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    1. M. Dwarakanatth

      Excellent presentation I have come across. Thanks and grateful to you Sir. Please bring out such thoughts and writings.
      I like to submit, some beginning or first step is taken for practice of introspection. For 90 minutes daily I make a slow and non stop walk in silence and alone without any mobile or gadgets.
      Kindly analyze and guide me. Give ur mobile no. I will cal u

      All the best.


    2. Dr. Ranganath

      Many walk the path to’find the purpose of life’as their purpose in life.
      Murali, very nicely written to explain the everpondering question -the purpose of life.I feel the purpose or goal in a life will be influenced frm where we start our journey or the opportunities we get in our journey.


  1. Dr Basavaraj M S

    Very true.
    Everyone will become spiritual on day. But earlier the better. You have achieved it and helping others also.
    Is there a purpose of live? Yes.
    To strive for a worthy goal.

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  2. Dr.Shanthala.S

    Only it counts on how we live our life, so live it to its fullest with no cribbings.God has given a lot of chances to all of us.
    Well expressed Dr.Murali!

    Dr Shanthala.S

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  3. Pradeep Jain

    Beautiful thoughts Doctor and so very relevant today, this pandemic has rewritten the purpose of life.
    and last but not the least ” live before you leave”, sums up everything.

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  4. Karanjit sharma

    Lovely and interesting write up. Logical to invigorate our own self and decide what do you want. Live life kindling size whatever small living you have and enjoy every bit of it. No regrets from anyone. Please forgive everybody and thank them for associating with you. Well done Murali

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  5. Dr.Akila Suresh

    Dear Dr. Murali, I m so proud of you not because you penned this thought provoking blog, but you are in the initial phase of realisation – to realise who you are & your purpose especially at this very young age where people who had spent years together on this, but couldn’t succeed. You really deserve a right Guru to achieve this. I can send you a few books on this subject which could really help. Send your address to be couriered.

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  6. pavendan999

    Dear Sir , I post my comments few times but it is not displayed , may be i dont know how to post, everytime this is happening, but im fine by reading your message.. a very nice para at this situation.hope everyone of us try to implement this wishes in everyday life.

    Thank you so much for the message. TAKE CARE SIR…

    On Sun, May 9, 2021 at 2:00 AM Dr Murali Mohan S wrote:

    > Dr Murali Mohan S posted: ” Pic Shot in Sikkim at 15000 feet altitude ‘As > a Neurosurgeon, travelling the journey of collective consciousness, > witnessing pain and suffering and at the same time seeing equal levels of > optimism and positivity, it gives deep insight towards philosop” >

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    1. Dr Fathima Anthony

      Purpose of life for me as a Christian is to live life like Christ for others and die for others.
      But I feel only Jesus did this and no other human or God did like Him. The only one who lived as he preached. The only one who loved others that he gave life voluntarily. The only one who loved and forgave enemies.

      It is soooo difficult for me also to follow him even 1%.


      1. Vincent A

        Very true statement doctor, am realising lot during this pandemic period and we are not worthy to receive his love and nothing infront of him.

        When we filled by the Holy Spirit, we can follow him and walk as Jesus walked and humbled till end of his life in this earth.


  7. Amith

    Good one Murali. Looks like this drop is flowing the river of Life with the eyes now open to meet the ocean. And like every other droplet that has to dissolve into the ocean, it will have to carry out it’s responsibilities to make that peaceful transition….


  8. Vincent A

    Well said doctor, it’s meaning a lot….

    Many of us we lead our life according to the wish of our mind, which will lead us to be more progressive in money, power, possition and pride. Over the period our mind will succeed over the ture love in our hearts.

    But same time if our life lead by the desire of our heart and change our mind to think according to the will of heart. We will have a place in many hearts.


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